Our dentists may recommend a tooth extraction if your tooth is damaged beyond the point where it can be restored. By extracting your tooth, we can help you avoid additional damage and begin the process of replacing the tooth to restore your smile. Call Next Care Dental today at 713-952-0522 or text us at 832-350-8776 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Harsh Patel or Dr. Thuy Vu and learn more about tooth extractions in Houston, Texas.

Tooth extraction involves the removal of a tooth, a procedure undertaken with the aim of restoring oral health and function. As your natural teeth are by far the best option for your oral health and smile, our dentists and team strive to avoid tooth extraction whenever possible. However, some circumstances might render an extraction the most prudent course of action to restore your smile, oral health and oral function.

These conditions include:

  • Severe Infection: In cases where a substantial portion of the tooth and its surrounding bone structure has been devastated by a severe infection.
  • Advanced Decay: Instances wherein the tooth’s integrity has been irreparably compromised due to extensive decay, rendering successful restoration unviable.
  • Overcrowding: When there is an excessive number of teeth, impeding proper fitment within the oral cavity.

When you receive an extraction, our skilled dentists and team will take meticulous care to remove the tooth as gently as possible to ensure that you experience only minimal discomfort. We also provide comprehensive post-op guidelines and instructions to help you heal and recover. Following your extraction and recovery, we offer a number of tooth replacement options to help you regain optimal oral health and functionality as well as restore the aesthetics of your smile.

For more information about tooth extractions and to schedule a consultation with our dentists, please contact our office today and speak with a member of our team.