Here at Next Care Dental, we use the latest dental technologies to provide your care. By combining experience with advanced technology, our dentists and team can ensure that you receive a fast and accurate diagnosis and that your treatment plan is tailored to your unique needs. We welcome you to call us at 713-952-0522 or text us at 832-350-8776 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Harsh Patel or Dr. Thuy Vu and learn more about dental technology in Houston, Texas.

Dental technologies used in our office include:

Our team of dedicated dental professionals is committed to delivering the highest level of care to you and your loved ones. Our primary focus is to address all your dental requirements while ensuring your visits are comfortable and pleasant. To fulfill this commitment, we are delighted to introduce you to the advantages of cutting-edge dental technology. Dental technology encompasses an array of advanced tools, equipment, techniques and materials that we incorporate within our practice to ensure you receive the finest quality care, always delivered with gentleness.

Our skilled dentists and team have undergone comprehensive training to proficiently harness the potential of advanced dental technology to enhance your oral well-being. Our continuous endeavor is to employ these innovations to optimize your experience by making it more efficient, comfortable and enjoyable. One great example is our diagnostic equipment, which facilitates swift and precise diagnoses, allowing us to plan your treatment effectively.

Each type of technology brings its own set of advantages, and we encourage you to explore our website and connect with our practice for more information. Contact us today to find out more and schedule your personal consultation!